Bill of Materials Tab

Use the Bill of Materials tab to create a comprehensive BOM that fully identifies each piece of a larger assembly. Click Add to create a new Bill of Materials entry and then fill in as much identifiable information as possible, from the following options:

  • Item No
  • Quantity
  • Units
  • Description
  • Part Number 
  • Manufacturer


You can also autopopulate the Bill of Materials information by clicking Load/Reload BOM Data. This button will find any components that you have added to your drawing and create an entry that is autofilled. You will still need to click Add to save this information. 


Once a item is added, you will find a BOM Table has populated on your assembly drawing. You can click on different sections of the table to edit the font size and color as needed. 


Click the Export to CSV button to save your Bill of Materials to have onhand for easy reference. 


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