Add new part to parts catalog for Individual Use

The Anekonnect Parts Catalog contains thousands of parts, with more being added everyday. User can add their own part to the catalog for their own private use. The Parts Catalog contains an Add New option, so you and your collaborators can add new parts to the catalog as needed. 

How to Add a New Part

Navigate to the Parts Catalog by clicking Cataloged Parts from the Menu Bar


Select the Parts category (Connectors, Cable, Locking Sleeve, Split Junction, Penetrator, Instrument, Accessories, Overmolds) in which you want to create a new part.mceclip0.png

Click the Add New button located just above the Parts Gallery.

mceclip2.pngThe options that populate within the Add New page, will depend on the Part Category you selected. For example, here a few of the fields that can be found on the Add New Cable page:

  • Cable/Wire Part Number
  • Description
  • Cable Core Summary
  • Total Conductors
  • Manufactured By
  • Level I Classification
  • Level II Classification
  • Conductor Detailed Structure 
  • Overall Cable Shield
  • Does cable armoured?
  • Is Cable jacked Low Smoke Zero Halogen?
  • Cable Braid Material
  • Cable Jacket
  • Overal Diameter of Cable 
  • Cable Cross Section
  • PDF

There are many different field types within the Add New page, including:

  • Text Boxes


  • Add buttons - require the input of further fields


  • Checkboxes



  • Dropdown Menus


  • Units


  • Image/File Upload



This myriad of fields and field types helps you fill out all the necessary information to create a detailed parts entry. The more fields you fill out, the better, but you are only required to provide a part number.

When you are finished filling the Add New page, make sure to click the Save button before navigating off the page, or you will lose all of the information you just entered.




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