Create a Wiring or Pinout Diagram

Anekonnect contains all the tools you need to create wiring/pinout diagrams on your drawings. Once you've placed all your components and parts on your drawing, you can start using the Drawing Tools and Edit Bar to organize the components and add further details.

Combining the Edit Bar and Drawing Tools to Create a Wiring or Pinout Diagram

To create a pinout diagram, you can use the connector and cable schematics provided by Anekonnect. 


Hover over a pin line until it appears green. You can then click and draw a line, using the green dotted line as a guide. Left-click to create a stop point/turning point before continuing in another direction. Right-click to stop drawing and a solid black line will appear in its place.


To change the line Base Color and Tracer Color, click on the line and choose the Edit option from the Edit Bar. 


You can also change the pin block color, with the Block Editor tool. Click a pin block to select it and then use the Block Editor options on the right-hand side to change Stroke (line) Width, Block Opacity, Background Color, and Stroke (line) Color. Take a look at the example below, to view the customization possibilities of the Block Editor:


Change the text within the pin block by using the Font Editor options on the right-hand side to change the Text, Font Size, and Font Color. 


You can also use the Drawing Tools found to the left of your drawing, to add rectangles, circles, text boxes, dotted lines, and more. In the example below, we've added a rectangle to create a clear header and a text box with the 'Pinout Diagram' text.


Moving Diagrams

Once you have created a wiring diagram, you can move components around as needed, and the connecting lines with retain their links. You can see the finished diagram below:


And here it is after the cable schematic has been moved:

If you Hide any components that are part of a diagram, the connection lines will disappear, but this information is stored. If you unhide a component the diagram will completely reappear as you last left it.







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