Connect Cables to Connectors, Penetrators, Back Shell and Overmolds

To connect connectors to cables, you will need to add connectors and cables to your drawing. To search components from the Anekonnect editor, click the Add Component button on the left-hand side.


Then you can enter a part number or search through the catalog.  Once you've located the cable you'd like to add to your drawing, click the cable part number. In our example, it's CS087. The cable will populate in the engineering drawing. You can move the different components and cross section around as needed by clicking to select and then dragging around the drawing. 

Now repeat the same steps to locate your connector of choice. The connector components and cross section with populate on the drawing. 


You can then select the end of the cable and drag it to attach to the connector (look for the purple box), to t urn the connector and cable into one assembly.



How to Use the Edit Bar

Click on a componet to open the Edit Bar that contains the following options:

  • Hide - use this option to hide any specific parts of a component that you don't want to show, without deleting the other parts of that component. These components will appear in the Components Hidden section to the left of the drawing. Click the Eye icon to unhide the component.mceclip5.png
  • Mirror - use mirror to turn connectors and other components to face the opposite direction. mceclip6.png
  • Edit - click Edit to rename a component.mceclip7.png
  • Delete - the Delete option will completely remove all parts of a component from the diagram. 
  • Bring to Front 
  • Bring to Back


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