Add Components to a Drawing

You can easily add components to an assembly drawing.To get started, click the Add Component button on the left-hand side. 




There are three ways to look up a component you want to add. 

1. Search for component by component name. A component name can be found on the component catalog

2. Navigate the component menu. For example for connectors: 
Connector Manufacturer > Connector Series > Connector Shell Size > Connector Shell Type > etc 

3. Parametric Filtering: When you dont know any of the above, you can narrow down the selection by filtering out based on parameters. For example: "Number of contacts" = 4, "Pressure Rating" above 3000 psi,  Manufacturer: "Select from drop down


Each of the methods are explained in details below.


1. Search for a component by component name


Click Connectors to expand a drop-down menu where you can choose between the 8 Parts categories (Connectors, Cable, Locking Sleeve, Split Junction, Penetrator, Instrument, Accessories, Overmolds).




You can Search all components by entering a part number or other identifiable information. 



2. Navigate to a component via set parameters

The white box is where all of the parts information is contained.


The top line in this section is primarily used for navigation, with the following options:

  • Select Manufacturer - reveals that the information contained in the following lines is a list of  manufacturers
  • Navigate Back - if you want to back out of a search list, click this button to return to the previous search results. For example, if you click the GISMA manufacturer but can't find what you need, you can click Navigate Back until you return to the Connector Manufacturer page

3. Parametric Filtering

  • Show All - removes all filters or subdivisions to show a single list of parts
  • Reset Parameters - if you want to start with a fresh search, click Reset Parameters to return to the starting page
  • Parametric Filter - use the parametric filter to set a series of specifications that you want the results to meetmceclip8.png

The other lines of this section is reserved to display the results of your searches. If you end up with a search that has many pages (notes Pages 5 of 336 in the top-right hand corner in this example), you can use the blue arrows located on either side of this section to navigate to new pages.


Once you identify the part you are looking for, you can just click on its name to add it to your assembly drawing. 

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