Drawing Tools

When creating an assembly drawing, you may want to supplement components with additional elements like circles, boxes, lines, and more. The drawing tools are also essential to creating wiring diagrams, which is a topic that is covered in detail in this article


The Drawing Tools section can be found to the left of your drawing.


You can choose from the following drawing tools:

  • Rectangle
  • Rounded Rectangle
  • Circle 
  • Oval
  • Text
  • Cable Continuity
  • Section View
  • Dashed Line
  • Dotted Line
  • Line
  • Bidirectional Connector
  • Directional Connector


How to Add a Drawing Tool to a Drawing

Click on a tool to add it to your drawing. Then you can move the shape, line, text, or icon around your drawing. To resize the drawing component just click on one of the green boxes and adjust the size or length.  


Creating Directional Connector Elements

When you hover over a drawing component you will see a number of blue circles. If you click on a blue circle, you can create a directional connector element on the fly and in any direction you want. 


The dotted green line shows you where the directional connector will appear. Left-click to create a stop point within the green line, so you can change the lines direction. 


Right-click to create the directional connector, which you can see in the bottom image.


You can then click on the directional connector and move it around to point to specific components as needed. 


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